Anatomy. Surgeons leering Scalpel Incision Knocking on the door another body delivered they are stacking up now he throws his wooden spade over his shoulder and exits home bound for a hearty dinner

Clay prints and Land

The Gallery of Modern Art, which has popped up numerous times in previous research, is a controversial slave merchant’s legacy to Glasgow. It isn’t mentioned much inside but that’s not the point of this blog post, just an initial note. There were a couple extremely poignant pieces stood out and were much worthy of analysis.Continue reading “Clay prints and Land”

Adiós España hallo Berlin

The temperature has dropped here in Barcelona, the unbearable midday heat suddenly became tolerable. It wakes you up, charges the batteries and I feel energised after two months of pure vitamin D. Now we are flying to Berlin, I write this on the plane which was a surprisingly smooth operation. It’s the first time everContinue reading “Adiós España hallo Berlin”

Act locally, think cosmically

Fitter, happier… more productive My mind has been with the homeless at the moment. Not in some kind of saint like oh I’ve got to help them all to save my soul way. It’s merely an unavoidable observation. These times have created distance between one another and those whose survival relies most on compassion haveContinue reading “Act locally, think cosmically”